Company Profile

Chengda Development Co., Ltd. as a holding subsidiary by parent-company Liaoning Chengda Co., Ltd, is an enterprise with registered capital of RMB 100 millions categorized  under  comprehensive  trading of  bulk commodities.

Our parent-company Liaoning Chengda Co., Ltd was established in March 1991, and listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange in August 1996 (stock-code: 600739). Liaoning Chengda Co.,Ltd with nine wholly-owned subsidiaries or holding subsidiaries and five holding companies ,the company now has  mainly engaged in medicine &health care ,financial investment,supply chain ,and energy developmen.

Chengda Development Co., Ltd mainly engage in import-export & national trading of fuel, aquatic Pharmaceutical &petrochemical products etc…, and keep a strong business relation with customers from more than 50 countries in the world.

Chengda Development Co., Ltd Fuel segment focus on marketing of coal with large-scale central power companies among nation, and now annual sales is over 10 million tons; in the same time developing the new resource from importing channel, making a rapid growth in scales. Liaoning Chengda Aquatic Food Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd actively entered into cooperative relations with large-scale and high-quality aquatic products enterprises abroad, constantly explored business models including the development of major customers, joint ventures, collecting and distributing, so as to greatly improve the quality of operation and profitability. Pharmaceutical segment Most of our raw materials we operate were cultivated from our s, and more than 20 varieties have been certified organic of USDA 、EC and JAS. Petrochemical focus on import-export & national trading of fuel-oil & other petrochemical upon our advantage in resource & international trading.

Chengda Development Co., Ltd. commit to be the manager in supplying chain, provides value-added services to both upstream & downstream customers depending on brand & resource of Liaoning Chengda, present sharing value, offer boosting force for social & economic activities. Propose teamwork & business innovation, in order to make a rapid growth in scale & benefit, and be a specialized trading company with significant influence, outstanding profession  status & strong competitive strength.


Chengda Development Co., Ltd. seek to capture value throughout the commodity supply chain during the past decade, coal commodity sector’s experience as a commodity merchant has allowed it to develop and build upon its expertise in the commodities which it markets and cultivate long-term relationships with a broad suppliers and customers. In which, our supplier and customers across diverse industries and in multiple geographic regions domestic and oversea, including coal producing region, coastal provinces and some abroad suppliers from Russia, Indonesia, Australia and so on.

As the company marketing and distributing physical commodities sourced by providing financial convenience from third party producers to industrial consumers, Coal commodity sector also keep seeking for business model transformation and innovation. The sector has formed commodity hedging department by using derivative hedging instruments to avoid the risk from potential inventory depreciation. The company hope that using of these financial instruments would not only be a hedging instrument to against economic uncertainty for commodity but also a amortize tool to create a strong platform which is able to ed our suppliers and customers in a business circumstance that flows smooth with less venture.

Operating Items:

Steam Coals (bituminous coal,brown coal & etc.),Coking Coals ( hard coking coal,1/3coking coal,lean coal&etc.) PCI coal.

Varieties Of Coal:

Steam coals: 4500K5500K5800K、6000K.

Coking coals: all items of Shenyang Coal Trade Group ,Australian hard coking coal,Russian K 10Mongolia coking coal &etc.

Aquatic Food

Aquatic Food Branch was founded in 2003, which specializes in domestic and foreign trade of aquatic products and engages itself in pioneering and development endeavors. In the face of the sudden global financial crisis of 2008, the Aquatic Food Branch maintained a steady development trend, and played a leading role in the development of regional aquatic industry, with earnestly implementing the management requirements of Head Company for commodity trade, further strengthened the risk management.

In 2018, Chengda Development Company Aquatic Food Branch regarded "building a supply chain service platform with southern Liaoning as the center, affecting Northeast Asia and co-existing production and marketing integration and internationalization" as its goal, meanwhile was identified aquatic business as the core of Liaoning Chengda Development Company. According to Liaoning Chengda guideline of "implementing sound operation, enhancing capacity and promoting business model conversion", Aquatic Food Branch actively entered into cooperative relations with international fishing agent, processing enterprise, port logistics, large-scale and high-quality aquatic products enterprises abroad, as well as other enterprises in the aquatic line chain. It constantly explores business models including the development of major customers, joint ventures, collecting and distributing, so as to greatly improve the quality of operation and profitability.

"The road ahead now is strewn with difficulties, we should recollect our wits and overcome the triumphantly ". Looking forward to the future, the branch will give full play to the rich trade experience accumulated in the innovative development of the aquatic industry in the past 20 years, integrate the resources of supply, inventory, production, marketing, banking, insurance, etc., and offer comprehensive supply chain services such as supply chain finance, raw material supply, warehousing logistics, product customization, channel sales, conference and exhibition, industry information and so on. With the support of informatization, both suppliers and recipients will harvest mutual benefits and common development.

Medicine and Health Products

Our company has about 1,500 chain drug stores in China named CHENGDA FANGYUAN, with retail sales about 600 million US dollars every year.

Most of the raw materials we operate were cultivated from our bases, and more than 20 varieties have been certified organic of USDA 、EC and JAS by Kiwa-BCS.

We have modern processing factory and extract factory in Dunhua city Jilin Province, workshop building area of processing factory about 7300 ㎡, daily extraction ability around 10 tons in extract factory.

According to GMP requirements, the processing factory and extract factory are equipped with advanced production equipment, we imported the international advanced detection instruments from the United States, Germany, Australia and other countries including the Agilent automatic  high performance liquid chromatograph, meteorological chromatograph… to ensure the stability and uniformity of the quality of Chinese herbal medicine and extract products to the maximum extent.

Our company was built a processing factory for selecting and repacking the goods before export in Dalian, it meets the requirements of the national commodity inspection bureau.

Grain corn

China is the country with the highest corn production in the world, in which the corn production in Northeast China accounts for more than 35% of the whole country. In 2019, China's corn production is about 260 million tons and the consumption is 270 million tons.

Relying on the resource advantages of the northeast corn production area, the company's corn main business is to carry out trade business around "North Grain South transportation" and north port closing sales. With a number of large-scale deep processing enterprises, feed enterprises and traders to establish a good relationship of cooperation.

With Yingkou Port as the hub, the company has expanded the grain storage capacity in the port, established long-term transportation and transit inventory business, and laid a foundation for the business of commodity purchase, sale and stock up. In depth production area, relying on the in-depth cooperation with Dalian Liangyun in Xifeng County of Tieling and Suibin County of Heilongjiang Province, give play to the advantages of corn production area.

Business varieties: feed corn, deep processing corn.